The Benefits of Using An Electric Bike

The feeling of riding a bike, with the wind blowing your hair away and your eyes enjoying the outside scenery is a feeling many people enjoy but dislike working for. If you fall into this category and wish to purchase a bike, look no further than electric bikes. E bikes are similar to standard bicycles, only that they are powered by motors rather than the rider.

Here are reasons why you should consider buying an electric bicycle

Considering their high speeds, electric bikes can get you out of danger real quick. For instance, if you are at a road junction or on the same lane with cars moving at high speeds, the faster you accelerate, the better for you.

Hill climbing
Though it may seem obvious, this is e bikes’ main advantage. A good e-bike will flatten the hills, as it increases its speed gradually up the hill. Thus, those living in rough neighborhoods have an easy way of getting through the “ups and downs” without getting tired.

Body fitness
It may seem evident that a regular bike will enhance personal fitness more than an e-bike. However, studies show that more than 46 percent of typical bicycle users ride them once or twice a week. A further 30 percent use them after a fortnight. On the contrary, a third of electric bike users travel them daily while 81 percent use them at least once a week.

The figures prove that e-bikes are used twice more often than traditional bicycles. This can be attributed to the fact that the former are more enjoyable to ride. Even though they require half the effort, more frequent use implies more exercise for a rider.

Forget the sweat
Although sweat may not seem like a serious concern when you are out for a leisure ride, it is a problem if you are going to work. You can decide to shower when you get to the office, but that is a lot of work. Electric bikes eliminate this issue from the bottom.

Faster travel
Although cars are fast, they tend to be slowed by congestion and traffic jams within cities. An e-bike can move at a higher speed than the traditional bicycle, and it can maneuver through routes that a car cannot. Thus, they are the most consistent means of road transport.

High resale value
E-bikes are still a relatively new concept in the market. When you want to dispose of your bike for a newer one, you are likely to sell it at slightly lower than you bought it.

Motorized at low costs
E-bicycles owners do not feel the hassle of high insurance premiums and missing log books. Electric bikes require registration just like ordinary bicycles. There is not much legislation to think about. The Scooteretti website is a useful source of information and resources.

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