Honda's Signature Technology Continues To Impress

Some Honda Toronto vehicles are equipped with the signature i-VTEC engine that delivers efficient yet powerful performance. The Civic Sedan and Civic Coupe run on a 2.0 L i-VTEC engine that produces up to 158 horsepower. The Accord is powered by a 2.4 L i-VTEC engine that generates a maximum of 185 horsepower. Under the hood of the CR-Z is an all-new 1.5 L i-VTEC engine that has a peak output of 130 hp thanks to the Motor Assist IMA technology. The Eco Assist System highlights the efficient design of the i-VTEC engines. Besides having engine blocks, some trims are also available with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) that offers better options in shifting gears compared to traditional automatic or manual transmissions. Of course, Honda's SUVs like the CR-V and Pilot can be equipped with the Real Time All-Wheel Drive (AWD) for good traction on slippery surfaces. Featuring the Intelligent Control System, this patented drivetrain has been exclusively developed by the company's thoughtful engineers.